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Hi there,


Welcome to the home of Kersey's Guitar & Ukulele in Margaret River. 

and CONGRATULATIONS for taking the next step in your journey to learn the Guitar or Ukulele, you've chosen well.. and i'd love to help you along the way. 


My guitar journey started later than the average player, I was in my late 20's when I picked up my partner Emily's dusty ol' Yamaha six-string. The mysteries and potential captured me instantly and i've been hooked ever since, proving old dogs can learn new tricks.  

It was pretty soon into my Guitar journey I realised maybe i'd missed the boat to becoming a rockstar, but something still compelled me to keep practising and get better. I noticed my stress levels were lowered, my memory and problem solving improved greatly and I also had an exciting new creative outlet to improvise and express myself.


These are just some of the many positive reasons to start playing the Guitar or Ukulele later in life. 

I dedicated many hours to developing my skills, learning songs, studying and decoding music theory all under the guidance of some world renowned teachers. I started realising my passion for Guitar and Ukulele was when I passed on the knowledge and skill set to those willing to learn. With a background in Teaching Secondary School students I understand the importance of a healthy Student - Teacher relationship, and aim to be a positive male role-model for my younger students.

At Kersey's, each lesson is catered and designed for YOU.


Whether you have a favourite song you've always wanted to play and just need a helping hand, perhaps you're thinking of joining a band and need some guidance, or maybe you'd like to surprise a loved one with a secret performance, i'd love to help. Or if you've hit a rut with your playing and need a teacher to help  advance you into the more intermediate topics such as Music theory, Modes, Scales, Arpeggios & other techniques. 

We also offer 'Jam Buddy' lessons where you and a friend(s), son/daughter can learn the instrument together and create some memories. I've seen the group lessons become a really great option for parents wanting to connect with their kids, a hobby you can both share and learn together is a wonderful thing! 

Kersey's is a safe place where anyone can learn an instrument no matter what age or skill level..a place to play.


Rob Kersey Frizzell

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