Frequently Asked Questions

Am i too young to begin lessons?

I get asked this question a lot by parents in regards to younger students. What i believe it comes down to is, hand size. The instrument needs to be comfortable to hold from the get-go or the student will lose motivation, fast! 


I've taught guitar to students as young as 5 with positive results, however If you feel hand size may be an issue, no to worry, there are many smaller 3/4 size 'travel' guitar options available or perhaps the Ukulele which is suitable for most hand sizes.

Am i too old to begin lessons?

Most definitely not.


You're never too old to pick up the Guitar or Ukulele and start playing. Many of my elder students had never played an instrument and often comment on how fulfilling their new Ukulele or Guitar journey is. A great way to pass some hours and keep the mind and body connected. 


Your new relaxing hobby awaits :)

How many lessons do i need?

This depends on you, 

Do i need my own Instrument for the class?

Ideally yes, it's highly recommended you have your own instrument to practise with. However we do have spare guitars and Ukes here too, so if you'd like to learn a little before you spend money on a new instrument, we've got you covered. I'm more than happy to help you find a suitable guitar/Uke too..

Can you come to my house for lessons?

Yes we can! Kersey's can come to your house to teach Guitar or Ukulele. This is a great option for the busy family who just don't have the time to travel to the studio.


For a small travel fee(*Prices vary depending on the distance) we can come to you, no problems. We also teach students across the world with our online Skype lessons.